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Please read our Privacy Policy carefully, as along with our Terms & Conditions they form your contract with Claimline Legal UK Ltd and your agreement to engage our services under the terms herein. 

What information is being collected?

From your initial inquiry personal contact details and brief details about your type of claim. We may contact you or send you further forms so we can gather more in-depth information about the circumstances surrounding the claim. Should you not wish for us to store your information or contact you please do not use any of our claim forms, web forms or contact us in any way.


Who is collecting it?

We, are as a regulated claims business "Claimline Legal UK Ltd".


How is it collected?


Your initial information may either be collected via a web form on this site, or if you call us via one of our agents in the UK. Subsequent information may be gathered from any completed documents we send to you, you complete and send in to us or via telephone conversations we have with you.

Why is this information being collected?

The initial information allows us to assess your case and see if it can be presented as a claim to the business you are complaining about. Subsequent information ensures we can present the best case possible.

How will the information be used?

Any information (personal or otherwise) will be used for the purposes of making your mis-sold equity release claim or maybe used in a future marketing programme if we feel you may be interested in a future product or service.

How is it stored?

Data is entered into a secure cloud database. Documents supplied are scanned and also uploaded to the same database.  Documents from non-live or pending cases are stored offsite in a secure storage unit. Documents from closed cases are security shredded in accordance with ICO timeline recommendations. Whilst all documents are stored within the UK, please note due to the international nature of server and network locations some data may naturally be transferred outside the UK, but under UK/EU GDPR guidelines. Hard copy paperwork is never stored outside the UK. 

Who will it be shared with?

Your personal and any other claim related data may be shared with the business you are claiming against, and where appropriate the product company, The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Occasionally we may share your personal data to another company within our group who may contact you to promote a relevant product or service we may be of interest to you. Should you not wish us to do this, please inform us immediately. We may also share your data with a law enforcement agency should we be requested to do so.


Access to the data we hold on you.

Should you wish for a copy of the information we hold on you please write to The Compliance Manager at the address shown on our contact page. Please note where a case has not been pursued, or it is completed and is over 12 months old this information may not be available.

mis-sold equity release


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